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NBC News: Deputy U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Robert Khuzami will leave the office and it is expected to be announced later this morning.

Khuzami had overseen the Michael Cohen investigation and is expected to return to D.C. to be closer to his family.

SCOOP: Franklin Graham traveled to Moscow and had a sit-down meeting with a sanctioned Russian official earlier this month—and claimed Mike Pence supported the trip. https://t.co/GNBe4k4uBx

NEW @FEC FILING: The RNC paid $2,000 last month to a security consultant named Edwin Steinmetz, who specializes in detecting listening devices, & who previously swept for bugs in @ScottPruittOK's @EPA office, as we reported here: https://t.co/yE1D1X4Vlo https://t.co/GqwOsBMzyg

You can be old enough to enlist today and not have even been alive for 9/11. Congress needs to reassert its war powers because we've got to put an end to the forever wars.

May 15, 1984: The day Newt Gingrich baited Tip O’Neill into a fight on House floor that got O’Neill rebuked — a key moment in the rise of Newt and his political style, the transformation of Congress, and the history of C-Span, which turns 40 today. From NBC News that night:

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